Big News at the Carnegie Location

The Carnegie Location is CLOSING tomorrow and REOPENING on BLACK FRIDAY!

What you need to know:
  • New address is 1006 Washington Avenue, Carnegie, PA 15106. (Across the street from 99 Bottles.)
  • Phone is the same: 412-276-8887.
  • We will NOT be open Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday of this week.
  • We will now be accepting CREDIT CARDS.
  • And the big one…



Wings will be available at the Carnegie location on Friday, November 27, 2015.
Check out all of our FLAVORS HERE.

Take a break from the shopping and enjoy some wings!

Famephobia – Help BSB fight this dreaded affliction

(Not a fear of becoming a Kardashian although that in itself is extremely terrifying)

hangry cat

Famephobia – The Fear of being Hungry.

This may or may not be a real disease that we may or may not have just made up. It is quite a serious calamity and can cause unnecessary stress, anxiety, and worst of all, lead to the state of being Hangry.

Fortunately, Big Shot Bob’s Coraopolis has a cure for this syndrome:

For a limited time only get 20 Wings (one flavor) and a 16-cut 1-Topping Sicilian Pizza for only $30.

That’s like a copay except way more delicious!


This post is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. If you think it is, you may need two of our specials.

And so begins the end of…


This is the first weekend of the last month of the summer

Let’s celebrate with some SPECIALS!

Avalon – I got five on it – Get 5 orders of 6 wings for only 23.99

Coraopolis – 16-cut 1 Topping Pizza and an order of 13 wings for only 23.99

Specials are only available at the stores listed. Offers valid on 7/31/15, 8/1/15, and 8/2/15 only.