BSB is now taking your Super Bowl Preorders!!!

Superbowl XLVIII is Sunday, February 2nd.
Place your Big Shot Bob’s wing order now!


Big Shot Bob’s House of Wings is now taking Preorders for Superbowl Sunday!

This season, our beloved ‘lers did not make the playoffs. Even though we can’t watch them again until August, we can still enjoy our Black n’ Gold wings during the Super Bowl. Help everyone at your party drown their sorrows in a bunch of Talk of Beaver Falls wings. Order some hoagies to help you and your friends SOLDIER through these hard times. Speaking of regrets…don’t miss out on your favorite wings just because you waited too long to order them.  Make sure you get your wings when you want them.

We recommend placing preorders but you are more than welcome to call on Sunday to place your order. Be advised, we will most likely sell out of wings!

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